David Niedergeses

Rhetoric & Professional Communication, Human Computer Interaction

User Experience Designer and User Researcher

International Business Machines, 2011-present.

I began working for IBM’s Systems and Technology group in 2011, first as a graduate student co-op, and then after completing my degree as a user researcher and user experience designer. I help develop web and mobile software that IT professionals use to manage their hardware and software infrastructure.

My dual role helps me to contribute to my team’s products more than I could have otherwise, and increases my team’s flexibility to respond to opportunities.

User Research

Since joining IBM, I have lead or assisted with research studies supporting IBM Pureflex Flex System Manager, IBM PowerVC, and other systems software offerings. We choose the type of studies we do based on the questions we are trying to answer. I have worked on surveys, focus groups and client panels, hands on observational studies, interview studies, user experience blitz test, card sorts, and ethnographic research.

User Experience Design

Like my user research experience, my design work has supported IBM Purflex Flex System Manager and IBM PowerVC, among others products. I am involved with the full software development cycle. I create concepts, wireframes, and high fidelity interactive prototypes using design software (i.e. Adobe Creative Suite), rapid prototyping tools (i.e. Axure RP), paper and pencil, or occasionally straight to code. The prototypes are used to communicate new experiences with developers, test new concepts, and to validate software designs with users.

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