David Niedergeses

Rhetoric & Professional Communication, Human Computer Interaction

Teaching Assistant

Iowa State University, 2005-2012

While I was a graduate student at Iowa State, my primary support came in the form of a teaching assistant position in the Department of English. Iowa State uses a multimodal approach to teaching college composition, rhetoric, and professional communication. The courses I taught included writing, but also visual and oral communication and digital media.

My cv summarizes each of the courses I taught as the instructor of record, but I am most proud of the few I describe here.

Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Communication, Digital Media Emphasis

The WOVE communication course is one of the foundation courses at Iowa State. Virtually all students take it during their first two years. As a composition course, it teaches the writing and communication skills that students will need to succeed in their programs of study. The course uses a multimodal approach. Students write, but also compose spoken and visual communication and digital media. I often taught special sections with an increased emphasis on technology skills. These sections served communication majors (English, journalism, mass composition), and high ability students..

Technical Communication

Over seven years, I happily taught this course more than any other. The curriculum takes the traditional genres of technical communication like reports, instructions, and specifications and addresses them from a user-centered perspective. Students use research, audience analysis, and usability testing along with multimodal composition skills to develop expertise in the kind of communication they will do as professionals in science and engineering.

Technology, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication Seminar 

The technology seminar is designed to help advanced undergraduates to critically explore the implications technology for rhetoric and professional communication. The format is modeled after graduate seminars; students read contemporary essays and books on modern communication technology, discuss them with peers, and write a collection of short and long critical responses. I was privileged to teach this course twice as a teaching assistant.


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