David Niedergeses

Rhetoric & Professional Communication, Human Computer Interaction

Research Assistant

Iowa State University, 2008-2012.

While working as a graduate assistant at Iowa State, I would occasionally have my teaching load paid with grant money so I could be assigned to a research project, giving me practical research experience on a handful of communication and technology projects.

Talking Sustainability, 2008-2009

The Talking Sustainability project used ethnographic interview methods to study attitudes on sustainability among professionals in the bioeconomy. As a graduate student, my role was to collect literature, schedule and conduct interviews, and contribute to qualitative data analysis. We talked to a broad sample of bioeconomy actors, including farmers, commodity brokers, crop insurers, ethanol plant managers, and many others in order to learn how the community understood the concept of sustainability.

Problem Framing Behavior in Statics and Thermodynamics, 2011

I briefly served as a research assistant for the Problem Framers. The projected used smart pens and in personal observations of engineering and science students’ problem solving approach. The primary activity while I worked with the team was to determine and test the methodology that would later examine ways to use technology to supplement problem solving education.

Learning Activity Description Language, 2010-2011
The LADL project was a computer assisted language learning project. Its goal was to create a description language that would help language teachers to create custom interactive learning activities by mashing up resources available on the web. I served as the software and user interface designer and programmer.

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