David Niedergeses

Rhetoric & Professional Communication, Human Computer Interaction

Family Wishlist Design

FamilyWishlistScreenCapFamily Wishlist is a pet project that I work in my spare time. It is a social application that lets families coordinate and track gift giving for birthdays, holidays, and other events. I started it when I noticed how much effort my own family spent on coordinating gifts, trying to give things that would really be enjoyed and not returned, regifted, or duplicated. Many retailers offer websites with similar features. Family Wishlist is different because it address the distinct needs of groups of mutual givers who may not wish to be tied to a single retailer. Family Wishlist is currently designed and accepting feedback from target users. I may come back to it and build it in the future, time permitting.

Family Wishlist is a web application with a mobile friendly interface. I chose to consider mobile because of the high likelihood that a user would want to mark a gift as given during a shopping trip.  Also, users might think of a gifts to add to their own wishlist when they have no access to a computer. Those two use cases are therefore placed preferentially and designed to be easy on a mobile phone or tablet. Other tasks, like editing an existing wishlist, are conceived as primarily desktop environments.


Diagram—the functional and navigational diagram of the application

Wireframe—the high level concept of the application’s panels

Prototype—the high-fidelity and interactive version of the application for demonstrations and testing

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